Cosmo horoscope week of february 6

The Universe wants you to identify other people's needs and ways that you can use your energy to help them over the next six months. Collaboration, thy name is Capricorn! Sure your disciplined soul is a bit comfortable as a rugged individualist, but your psyche is feeling more nourished by networking, teamwork, and meaningful partnership these days.

This a time for the choir — not the soloist! We have lift-off, Aquarius! There is no sign deemed to rise more professionally and publicly more than yours for the next year. By Amanda Mitchell. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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By Chelsea Rickling. Pisces Weekly Horoscope Here's what's in store for you the week of February 6. Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Here's what's in store for you the week of February 6. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Here's what's in store for you the week of February 6. When was the last time you practiced self-compassion? Winter is the perfect time to polish up your self-compassion practice.

The season is synonymous with cold, dark months, a time when we literally and figuratively turn inward—we spend more time inside our homes, hearts, and heads.

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Below, I share two steps to start your journey towards healthier self-compassion through positive self-talk, nurturing self-care, and self-grounding rituals. Words have power. With the words we speak, we can elicit a smile, conjure tears, and even start a war. And the same is true of the words we speak to ourselves. Listen to your self-speak: Do you speak to yourself kindly or do you criticize yourself? Or do you curse you tresses for being frizzy and unruly?

Or do you tell yourself a greater love exists? Find your inner compassionate voice, and give yourself permission to stop negative thoughts. Learn to silence your own inner critic. Acknowledge that you are human—you are not perfect and, yes, you make mistakes—just like the rest of us. Practice positive self-talk through mantras and daily affirmations. You can find powerful mantras and affirmations online or in books about self-compassion, but you can also create your own personal, meaningful phrase—one that truly speaks to your heart—to repeat every day when you rise.

The self is always by your side—you simply have to reach for her and ask for her to walk with you. There is comfort in knowing we are never truly alone; the self is always there to hold your hand and to comfort you in times of need. But finding that warm, guiding hand in a sea of sorrow can be difficult.

You must learn to channel your compassionate, nurturing self during times of loss and need.

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The best way to do this is to be present and to truly feel —to sit with your sadness, with your thoughts and your discomfort, and let it wash over you. As scary, painful, and uncomfortable as it may be, and as much as you may want to ignore it, try to welcome the sadness. Take a deep breath and feel it all.

Take comfort in knowing that the self loves you no matter the circumstance. Practicing nightly self-grounding rituals like those outlined in THIS post will also help you become better connected with the self in times of both gratitude and great need. The cliff notes to are here, complete with printable charts and guidance through the year, months, and weeks. Download our report at the end of this summary and see a preview to the side.

Thank you in advance! A mysterious scenario arrives promising great power should you merge your resources with others. What is it about the power of the situation that pushes you over the edge into great risk and great vulnerability? One person says yes to an affair, knowing that it has to be kept secret for a variety of reasons, but also knowing that they will newly have access to resources they never dreamed of.

Another invests in a land deal, knowing there are risks, knowing there could be great payoff as well as great loss of precious resources. But this person does something strategic and precise: they check into their essence and know that they have what it would take to recover what could be lost. They know their worth, and, therefore, how to rely upon themselves to create worth. Whether this investment brings greater wealth or assets are lost, they can afford it.

This is the secret of Scorpio and power: knowing you can empower yourself regardless of how you merge with others. Healers come in many shapes and forms these days and it may be time to tap into them. You may never solve a mystery, but you can find healing through releasing it.

There is something about the vulnerability of being truly seen that releases things, sheds light on them, and that gets absorbed out of you in the most powerful of ways. I challenge you all, at this moon, to let others in who want to help you release things, or to truly witness another that needs this from you. Claim your power back, release blocks and mysteries, and reach out for a healing hand at this moon should the need arise. If not, pay attention to how you can balance new vital understanding in your personal essence and worth, and how that can allow you to confidently entangle with others——in healthier ways—knowing that you have choices and the power to detangle should you need.

There may be a feeling of protection and roots starting to sprout in how you are personally allowing yourself to merge and share with others. Things blossoming and becoming full right now may, in several years, be what allows you to take part and share on bigger platforms in the world. Tend to these things and know that they are meant to be nurtured and protected for the time being.

This moon will require initiative and shifts in order to properly grow with a square to Ceres and the lunar nodes. Channel your dynamic problem solving skills and push through any barriers around your needs. Inspiration and compassion through a Neptune connection will help soften some intensity.

Saturn adds some get-it-done oomph while Jupiter adds an extra dose of enriched fertilizer to help you grow deeply and expansively. If you need financial help through a loan or raising funds, there are good prospects around this moon—put your feelers out. Both rulers of this moon, Mars and Pluto, conjunct each other, bringing and alignment of purpose. Can you feel the charge?

Hopefully you slept a little more, found inspiration through the arts, and experienced inspired renewal and compassion. You are now prepared to enter a fresh cycle of life with the Aries New Moon—the ultimate time of new beginnings and rebirth. Inhale fresh new life. Use deep breath to clear out stuck things and to get your blood moving.


With the whole of your energetic life force, feel trust for any clarity that begins to surface. Let this fill you with assertion, passion, and a new zest for yourself and your life. Take ten to twenty minutes to plug into this space of total oneness with yourself and any fresh creation inside of you. Immediately rattle off three to five things that you want, that you love, or that you feel passionate about.

Use this powerful exercise to gain conscious clarity about what your authenticity is currently holding. Include two whole wheat chapatis, one bowl of vegetables and a medium piece of fish. Evening snacks - Have almonds.

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Dinner - Have early dinner on these two days, comprising a bowl of chicken stew and a bowl of sprouted beans. As pre-bed drink, one can choose anything between lemon and ginger drink with honey. Lunch - Keep the pre-lunch meals a little filling with vegetable smoothies. For lunch one can have half a plate of salad that includes cucumber, carrots and tomatoes and half a cup of rice with one bowl of lentils.

Evening snacks - A cup of double toned milk with sprouted beans or chickpeas. Dinner 7 PM - A plate of vegetable salad. Have a cup of vegetable soup at around 8pm.

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Have a pre-bed drink of choice, one hour before going to bed. Breakfast - Start the day with a glass of warm water with one spoon of Aloe Vera juice. Two brown breads without butter, white of two boiled eggs and a glass of fruit juice without any sugar or artificial sweetener.

Lunch - The pre-lunch diet can have a glass of fruit juice made from cucumber, pineapple, oranges and carrot with sufficient pepper and one spoon honey.

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The lunch menu can have a bowl of vegetable khichdi and a plate of vegetable salad with enough apple cider vinegar. Evening snacks - The 4pm refreshment should include a glass of double toned milk with two cream cracker biscuits. Dinner - Have an early dinner. Puffed rice and homemade sour curd and a fruit of choice after one hour of dinner.