December 17 birthdays astrology 2019

Feelings are always strong, but unstable, but when they are permanently connected to their partners, they can become dedicated. People who are born on December 17 have a lot of self-confidence and faith in their ability to do things, to be right, and there is no doubt that they are very hard-working people who have a fantastic work ethic, but sometimes they are too confident, and they take more than they can chew.

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Not surprising, those who are born on December 17 like travelling, but their job will rarely be involved in such ventures, they will do some more local employment. People who are born on December 17, belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign tend to rise on a social scale, by working hard. They want righteousness and fearlessness to represent their attitudes, and can find their perfect careers in the realm of law.

Owing to their diligence, they often become managers, and have among many things, a talent for languages makes them good writers. Some of them, as you will be able to see later in their article can become one of a kind musicians that can really give something new to the music. Those who belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign and who are born on December 17 are symbolical number 8, and it is the number initiates the awareness of the power and the connection of the material and spiritual world.

It is the number that teaches people generosity: to be useful to himself and others; it is the numeral that points to perpetual energy that can be pointed to the one direction.

December 17 Birthday Astrology

To efficiently use their inner strength in the material world, they can learn how spiritual laws and rules lead to material success. These people can learn all about being in business to use and apply success without greed, immorality, selfishness, and lust. Planetary symbolism comes from the planet Saturn that is in combination with planet Jupiter that is the natural ruler for all Sagittarius humans. When in a disadvantageous position it can give symbolism that brings obstacles, delays, humiliation, hostility, bad karma and imprisonment.

As you were able to see in the previous part where we deal with the symbolism of the date December 17, this date is inseparably connected to the planet Saturn, and first historical event on this list proves this connection.

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What should they strive for? Most of all, to control themselves and avoid sensual excesses. They should not mimic others and draw their ideals from the bottom of their heart. They should not jump from one place to another, changing their occupation and surroundings, but stay in one position once it is chosen and fulfill their moral duties, for that will move them forward in the great school of life.

It should be noted that this birthday yields two kinds of people: The lower — undeveloped — is restless, harsh, scatterbrained, absentminded — they are a seeker of beauty, chasing after opportunities, one who values gambling and betting everything on one card. However, the developed kind is represented by people who are generally liked for their goodness, loyalty and justice.

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Calm and businesslike though you are, there's also a fun side to you that people get to see when they spend scads of time with you. If you were born on December 22, you are ready for just about anything! The fact that you're usually two steps ahead of any given situation proves your skillfulness and keen attention to detail.

You're very handy to have around! These types of personality traits will carry you far up the ladder of success, as well as keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Unfortunately, along with these blessings comes some high-strung, stressful times. You'll have to work harder than most when it comes to rest and relaxation. Learn how to let go a little, and you'll live a fulfilling life! At your best: Careful, prepared, quick At your worst: Stressed, exhausted, scared. For instance, someone who is comfortable sharing… Continue. If you can be supportive of your partner's dreams and schemes today, they'll benefit in a big way, and so will you.

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