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For observers in the tropics, this will always be close to due east and the Ascendant will always be close to 90 degrees away from the Midheaven. As the observer moves farther north or south it becomes possible for the Ascendant to be farther and farther away from due east. Because of the obliquity of the Earth 's axis relative to the ecliptic, away from the equator some signs take much longer to cross the eastern horizon than do others.

In the northern hemisphere, the signs from Cancer through Sagittarius take longer to ascend than the signs from Capricorn through Gemini, whilst in the southern hemisphere the reverse is the case. However, the Midheaven sign for a given sidereal time will remain the same regardless of the latitude of the location for which the chart is cast.

Sun enters Scorpio

This means that, for different latitudes, a different sign can be ascending for the same Midheaven sign. For equatorial latitudes, the sign on the Midheaven will generally be three signs before the sign on the Ascendant , but at very high latitudes this can vary between one sign before and five signs before the sign on the Ascendant.

The greatest separations between Ascendant and Midheaven occur when short ascension signs Aquarius, Pisces, Aries are on the Midheaven, and the smallest when long ascension signs Virgo, Libra, Scorpio are on the Midheaven. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the midheaven as a point of celestial definition.

For the album by The Human Abstract, see Midheaven album. The Wessex Astrologer Ltd, Astronomical Algorithms. Willmann-Bell, Inc. Astronomy and Astrophysics. According to Paulus Alexandrinus , "it is necessary to know that the Midheaven degree does not always fall in the tenth from the Horoskopos , on account of the inequality of the [sign]'s temporal ascension, but sometimes on the ninth, sometimes on the eleventh. Categories : Technical factors of Western astrology Astrological house systems.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This even applies even to the simplest of things like making an important phone call or paying a bill. Interesting point Denyse.

The Medium Coeli in Astrology

Jupiter is generally thought to rule higher education but maybe the professors are ruled by Saturn. The Queen of the UK is important with this aspect as i recall, if my memory serves, she has an unaspected saturn conjunct her MC!!

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Quite the position for a queen to have…LOL! Unlike the most popular interpretation of an unaspected planet is that due to a lack of aspects it lacks expression in the person.

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Ironically this view is made by those without an unaspected planet. Coincidentally, the singer Freddy Mercury also had an unaspected Mercury…. I wondered as a child why everyone hides their emotional selves. I have saturn conj. MC — thankfully not exact! Hi BPip, I also thought of the queen when I read this!! Yes saturn on her MC — the duty , the responsibility, wow.

Transiting Planets Across The Midheaven / Astrology Houses

Karmic indeed. I think unexpected planets are little understood. And yes very potent.

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I have an unexpected mercury — in the 3rd house — with a Gemini ascendent! Can you imagine? It explains a lot…. Mine is unsuspected as well.

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  4. I wonder where hers lies. Like I said mines in Taurus, But I never understood that placement. My Saturn return was more….. Interesting but makes me wonder where her Saturn lies.

    It also says a lot of things when the aspects are not there. In the Midheaven especially Things. That should be.

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    Its worth to mention that capricorn is intercepted in my natal chart, so Saturn plays out with less strengh I guess. At the same time my progress moon is conjuct MC the other ruler of intercepted Cancer , and is the only planet in earth signs!. Parent and work are both issues on my scope now!. Ive heared saturn has entered capricorn in and will be there for the next three years.

    Menu Skip to content. Search for:. January 4, February 15, Jamie Partridge. They are good examples of why not to use traditional or horoscopic astrology rules. It explains a lot… Reply. But what about transiting Saturn conjunct IC?