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It represent the qualities of generosity, power, wealth. Native born in this part of Navamsa are generous, religious and powerful. The lord of 2nd, 5th and 8th Navamsa represent Nara which means a man or person of kind, soul and reputed. Engaged in the pursuits of human welfare. The lords of 3rd, 6th and 9th Navamsa represent the charatertistics of Rakshaha or a demon. This part represent cruel, quarry, violent, selfish and person of a negative qualities.

Divisional Charts

In Navamsa two things are must to be seen. The first level of afflictions will give the affects in the Mahadasha of Planets connecting to these Lagna Lord and Lagna. The second level of afflictions is in the Antradasha of these planets and the third level in the Pratyanter Dashas. One with experience these kinds of troubles and anxietities in life.

These Navamsa are owned by the benefic planets and can predict benefic results, when applying in muhurata, prasana and timing of events, Jupiter when in pushkara bless the native with plenty of wealth and progress in life. In Navamsa for the purpose of self one has to see the strength of 5th house in D-9 of Lagna, Lagna Lord, the Sun and dispositior of the Sun. Now where you are analysing spouse, Lagna, Lagna Lord, 7th house, 7th Lord, Venus and its dispositor.

Lagna, Lagna Lord, 6th lord, Ketu and dispositor of Ketu for diseases and curing of disases Rahu and dispositior of Rahu in transit.

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Navamsa and Marital happiness Navamsa chart help in analysising the married life of the spouse and their contirbution in the growth of family. It help in assessing the mental compatability with his spouse and their capactities in life. Second form of Sri Durga is Sri Brahamcharini. Here Brahamcharini means tapashcharini. She devoted r Marriage is the most important and complicated event in life as through this process two human beings male-female are engaged in a sacred wedlock.

Marriage provide as the basis of family which also represent social and economic relationship of a permanent nature. When the question of marriage is considered, various factors like physical fitness, mental quality, hereditary atmosphere, sexual computability, social and economic status are very closely seen. Besides, careful consideration of all these facets; an astrological means of judging the marriage computability which primarily include the strength and aptitudes to withstand the strains of maladjustments are also seen. So astrology provide us a system of matching of horoscopes to find out the computability between the marrying couple.

The most effective part of our life range between 25 to 45 years. Here, it is mentioned that the D-9 chart is the most important sub-division examined thoroughly before marriage in the South Indian families and its usage is picking up in the Northern India through the astrology teaching classes conducted by the Indian Council o Astrological Sciences Founded by late Dr.

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So detailed and objective analysis of Birth Chart and D9 chart is essential so that any signs of marital discord or disharmony are observed and if necessary, remedial measures are taken at the appropriate time to avoid breaking the relation. The quarter segments are so sensitive that the planets in transit in one Navamsa is affective for obtaining the results. The approx. Quarter or Charans demarcate the length of zodical are for its area of influence. It is important to consult the Navamsa chart as one planets which is debilitated in Rashi chart gets exalted in Navamsa and vice-versa; Even under the Vimshopaka, Balas where the Rashi chart gets 6 vismshopaka bala, the D9 has been assigned 5 balas and this shows its strength.

Navamsa chart provide the exact longitudes where a planet is exactly located in the zodic. Navamsa chart provide lordship for its quarters chick is effective in deciding the strengths of the particular naves segment for predictive purposes.

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It is observed that while the Birth Chart is to be seen for the trends of Mahadasha lord, the D9 chart can be seen for the effective results of antaradasha lord. The planets in this position personify divine and celestial souls. Divas are worshipped like a God or a deity. For the interpretation of D9 chart Diva signify virtue, generosity, power, wealth, happiness. So that native born in Diva naves is virtuous, Glorious, kind hearted, charitable and religious. Persons born in these Nervosas are endowed with the qualities like perfect human being, social success, helpful, reputed and are laborious to achieve their goals.

These are malefic like cruel, violent, and greedy and contain evil spirits. So native born in Rakshasha marriage navamsa normally possess negative qualities. Similarly if a planet is exacted in the Birth Chart and it gets debilitated or weak in D9 chart, it will not give the results or exalted planet. So position of planets in D9 is important in analyzing the quality of married life. The association of benefic planets like Venus promises a comfortable married life. In short if D9 lagan is Taurus, Libra and Aquarius and there is no affrication, then the life partner will be loyal to each other.

But in case d9 lagna is Aries or Scorpio and other malefic influences are there; then the married life will be disturbed and short lived. Affliction to Moon in D9 makes person immoral, deceitful sickly and weakens his position in household affairs.


Affliction of Mercury in D9 chart bring harshness in behavior and nature. The persons is subject to criticism for his inflexible bent of mind.

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Afflicted Venus in D9 brings Cruelty in married life, unprincipled attitude in life. This unit faces great threat of disintegration and more and more broken families can be seen in the urban population. The reason for this alarming state of affairs is due to increasing fragility of marriage on account of divorces, separations, intolerance and other institution of marriage are facing threatening number of divorces but it has continued to be in a good shape.

This can be attributed to a great extent as most of marriage is finalized on the basis of horoscopes.

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So the role of astrology through horoscope matching is contributing to the success of married life. Dwiwedi, E-Course Login. E-Magazine Login. Sign in Register. Toggle navigation.

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