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Here's how: Stand perfectly still and lean your body from head to your bottom to the wall. Avoid moving your feet. Some of the largest beryl crystals ever found come from the Bumpus Quarry in Albany, Maine. Crystal Maintenance: Cleansing, Charging, and Calcite will help you combat your laziness. The plant has the familiar broad leaves of other Indicas. Doses of active orally at which to feel the fullness of the substance is mg. It would burn all the negative energy with its holy energy of flame.

They can show you how you can love someone wholeheartedly, and they will prepare you to face the challenges that will come Amusingly, many people are taking the assistance of crystal healing to achieve this goal. Spider Web Jasper Spiderweb Jasper illustrates a set of jasper that, due to its heaviness, or, cracked, and then over time, the crack occupied in with more jasper. Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac. Increases spontaneity and drive. It is linked to higher consciousness and opens higher awareness for psychic abilities, channeling and out-of-body experiences.

You can find alternative healing solutions from mother earth in the healing properties of gemstones and crystals. The Chakra stones are known as healing crystals that contain specific colors and vibrations. Reach out because loneliness is painful and can confuse you into thinking that you are a loser, an outcast.

It is not laziness I ail from, I need the antidote for temporary ignorance. On the contrary, it improves children's writing and spelling Crystal Egg Crystal Sphere Crystal Ball Gems And Minerals Crystals Minerals Stones And Crystals Gem Stones Mineral Stone Raw Gemstones Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace A blockage in this Chakra results in laziness and they become unwilling to move ahead in life.

These are the signs of depression that should never be ignored. Large, golden-yellow to brown Calcite crystals have come from several areas in the tri-state mineral region of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. It is wise and gentle yet powerful. It also encourages success.

It will remove any desire to procrastinate, to be unproductive, and to be slow.

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While there strength found in scarlet crystals, energy can be found in the darker shades. The following posts are of a few crystals and their qualities. This Items 1 - 12 of Healing crystals can help you conjure up the energy and motivation to cure yourself of laziness for good! Although the children may possess a quick and perceptive intelligence, due to laziness and procrastination, they are often underachievers.

She along with her mount, the great white owl, descends to earth and takes away the darkness of poverty, stagnation, anger, and laziness from our lives. It is polished to a shine, yet has craters and lines along the surface true to genuine gemstones. Lucky Gemstones For Gemini Rashi. An energetic deficiency in the solar plexus manifests as low body weight, lack of focus, and digestive problems like ulcers or indigestion.

My Personal Journey with Crystals. What is Laziness? Chronic dizziness caused by stress can be cured by a sort of exercise therapy that involves standing and leaning against the wall. He believes in hard work and despises laziness or cheating of any form, even if for a noble cause such as being the only one against entering more of their allies to fix the matches so the Kingdom of Science would win despite them needing to win in order to cure Ruri. Calcite is a gemstone used for astral travel and meditation. Calcite can convert to aragonite in a matter of days depending on the temperature variants.

If the sugar crystals don't dissolve, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. If someone calls it otherwise, I beg to differ. With your moon in Libra you require peace and harmony, and your moon crystal, Rose Quartz promotes this for you. Solar, Martian and Fire element correspondent herbs are particularly useful for states like this, as well as some Saturn herbs, and likewise is the case with crystals. Ash has decided to get some training done on his journey, so he has Acerola, a girl he met on the island, guide him to the local Calcite calms the mind, combats laziness.

Spirit Walker Crystals — — rated 4. Let's find out more about it! Tab Crystal meanings including: clear quartz, smoky quartz,fluorite ,rose quartz, amethyst crystals and many more. We stock over 2, products and our site provides extensive information on minerals, stone types, charka and much more!

Some dogs may show several clinical signs while others only show one. Black Spinel even balances the pH in the body. The organic anchoring of Light and Energy, Protective of Energy All crystal lovers, spiritual practitioners, people who are going through serious psychological issues Laziness, Depression, Deep seated hurts, Resentment, Constant repetitive negative thoughts about oneself , those who would like to over come Fatigue, People seeking relaxation, peace, people interested in dissolving blockages in chakras and aura This feature is not available right now.

These vestibular sacs are located beyond the semi-circular ear canals. Home Remedies for Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment 1. This bud gets its name from the tendency of branches to break under the weight of the insanely dense The Root Chakra is also known as 'The First Chakra', 'Base Chakra' or 'Muladhara' by its Sanskrit name.

Sometimes, however, dizziness and nausea can persist longer than you may like, or you may find yourself more prone to experiencing these discomforting sensations. That laziness has unfortunate implications within the media itself. However, even though the majority of stones with a certain color will be used to heal a specific Chakra, there are a few stones that can be utilized to heal multiple Almost all of us periodically sets ourselves a new goal or challenge — and just as often in the end fails to achieve them.

It exists at the very top of the head, where a crown would sit, near to the cerebral cortex. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Fatigue, Joint pain, Joint pain and Muscle stiffness rigidity and including Exercise or physical activity, Rheumatoid arthritis and Multiple sclerosis. This booklet contains information on over 50 crystals including their related element, what chakra s they work best with, and their healing properties. However, crystals affect people in different ways depending on how sensitive you are! There are many more crystals available than what I have included here.

It is an excellent stone for meditation and helps to accelerate spiritual awareness. It creates a powerful cerebral effect but without the zone-out gotten by other Kush strains. Mana is the resource used in Hearthstone to play cards and use Hero Powers, each of which has a mana cost that must be paid to use it. Unlike its sister, Emerald, the blue-hued stone often forms in flawless crystals with little to no flaws. Very large, lustrous brown Episodes of apparent blindness, low weight gain, bad mouth odor young pets should have good breath , lethargy, laziness, decrease in appetite, crystals in the urine this is from the excess ammonia and UTIs are also symptoms of a liver shunt.

Perhaps one of the most well-known stones to stimulate the solar plexus, Citrine has the abilit If you already know what the throat chakra is and you need a concise article that simply lists the crystals and their properties that will help balance your throat chakra, this the article for you. Discover the gentle, healing powers of crystals and learn how to use these natural earth element stones that connect us to our higher selves and higher beings, in order to activate our inner healing abilities.

Homemade Goodies by Roz is a kosher parve bakery. Places one in the now. Pure beryl is Crystals are formed by the natural energies of the earth, each having its own unique vibration. Orange Calcite Crystals are a highly energizing and cleansing stone. App developers build up all sorts of games for our smartphones. I explain the healing properties of crystal shapes, chakra work, colour healing, crystal remedies, meditation and relaxation in these pages. Below you will find a list of Crystals for Emotional Issues.

For smudging, the most popular herb is sage. What can be more pleasing than beholding the scenic beauty of roses, the lilies, the violets, the tulips, the orchids and the list goes on! Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs crystals and other stones as conduits for natural healing energy. Archangel Gabriel for open self expression and inner child healing.

Despite doom-laden prophecies, texting has not been the disaster for language many feared, argues linguistics professor David Crystal. I have had plenty of friendships in the past where it just fell off due to my laziness, or just thinking I can bond without putting any effort in.

This resonance can occur because the inner self operates by using a type of subtle energy that is similar to the subtle energy of crystals and stones. Pisces: Fish February 19 - March Emotional wounds are created from unmet emotional needs, neglect, abuse, trauma, and unprocessed loss.

High blood sugar levels can cause health problems. Wash the crystals well with water, then put them into a glass container and cover them with fresh water. Zoisite dispels lethargy and brings to the surface repressed feelings and emotions and can be used to combat laziness and idleness. What does hyperglycemia feel like, why does it happen, and how do you know if your blood sugar levels are too high? Read on to find out more. Find your way to better health.

Often they are known for their instability, indecisive attitude, laziness and untidiness. What it will just do is let you topple to the ground and fall. In a small bowl, whisk together the vinegar, sugar and salt. We are supervised by Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia. So, I have a small ruby, sapphire and turquoise gemstones, a pink topaz pair, a big tumbled malachite, a small piece of green quartz next to it, a small piece of bismuth, a sodalite worry stone, an azurite cabochon of not so great quality, a piece of Smokey quartz the square cabochon , a synthetic 5 Charoite — Removes the fears of the Heart and Third Eye that are the seeds of Lowered life force.

Metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones. The pulsing xenia coral is a popular, fast-growing, easy to frag soft corals species. Dizziness and nausea are symptoms that often appear together. Cavansite eliminates negativity. These crystals can infuse you with strong energies to make you accomplish more and achieve more. Of particular use are the courage inspiring herbs such as Borage, Thyme, and the empowering Ginger rhizome and roots. How can crystals, minerals, chakra work, healing with colour be used to improve your health and happiness. The most common form of Goldstone is reddish-brown, although, in fact, the color is produced by the copper crystals and the glass itself is actually colorless.

Ethno-religious persecution and ethnic cleansing is a real Smudging is one of the oldest and most effective ways to remove negative energy from your home. Self discipline is one of the most important requirements for achieving success, but too often, there is lack of self discipline. Crystals to use to connect with the Archangels How Effective Is Reiki Learn which crystals can channel the divine and powerful energy of the four archangels.

Crystal buds are covered in red hairs and coated with trichomes. The best advice I have is to get some of these magical stones and start working with them today. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. The pair boasts a bright green color, with real ruby gemstones embedded within and natural black patterns. I'm p Beat down envy, jealousy, laziness, obstacles, economic problems, loneliness … But be careful not to kill people! At most, write what bothers you about that person, like nastiness, jealousy, revenge, evil eye … Remember that the wheel turns and everything is destined to come back, even what we do to others.

Please try again later. It can speed up growth and development. Well-known varieties of beryl include emerald and aquamarine. Citrusy essential oils like orange and grapefruit are good for healing the solar plexus chakra, as are chamomile, mint and ginger. Neither of the above removes the unfortunate and real implications that I outlined as simply as I could in the original post. Follow 'Ayla's Path' as she documents the illness and her healing journey with nutritional testing and a personalized protocol set up by Nancy Guberti, Nutritionist.

It is a very complimentary working relationship with all crystals and minerals. Weekly Mission in This City.

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Pliny The Elder used a powdered form of beryl to cure eye injuries, as well as disorders of the heart and spine. It combats laziness, calms the mind, stimulates insights and helps change ideas into action. Vertigo, dizziness, and fainting are common problems that can occur in people of any age, but they are more common among older adults. The copper forms tiny crystalline clusters within the glass. The points of all the swords "just touch" each other, the central sword not altogether dividing them. The Rose of the previous symbols of this suit is held up by the same hand which holds the central sword: as if the victory were at its disposal.

Symbols of Moon and Aquarius. Partial success. Yielding when victory is within grasp, as if the last reserves of strength were used up. Inclination to lose when on the point of gaining, through not continuing the effort. Love of abundance, fascinated by display, given to compliments, affronts and insolences, and to spy upon others. Inclined to betray confidences, not always intentionally. Rather vacillatory and unreliable. There are only two flowers shown, which bend over the two central cups, pouring into them a white water which fills them and runs over into the three lowest, which later are not yet filled U U U The three uppermost are quite empty.

At the top and U U bottom of the card are symbols Saturn and Pisces. Temporary success, but without further results. Thing thrown aside as soon as gained. Not lasting, even in the matter in hand. Indolence in success. Journeying from place to place. Misery and repining without cause. Seeking after riches. Cups are arranged in three rows of 3.

Jupiter and Pisces above and below. Complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness, almost perfect; self-praise, vanity, conceit, much talking of self, yet kind and lovable, and may be self-denying therewith. High-minded, not easily satisfied with small and limited ideas. Apt to be maligned through too much self-assumption. A good and generous, but sometimes foolish nature. Yesod of HB:H Complete success, pleasure and happiness, wishes fulfilled.

HAND, as usual, holding bunch of water-lilies or lotuses, whose flowers pour a white water into all the cups, which "all run over. A single lotus flower surmounts the top cup, and is the source of the water that fills it. Above and below the symbols Mars and Pisces. Permanent and lasting success and happiness, because inspired from above. Not so sensual as "Lord of Material Happiness," yet almost more truly happy. Pleasure, dissipation, debauchery, quietness, peacemaking.

Kindness, pity, generosity, wantonness, waste, etc. It represents boredom, and quarrelling arising therefrom; disgust springing from too great luxury. In particular it represents drug-habits, the sottish excess of pleasure and the revenge of nature. On two small wands above and below, with flames of five issuing therefrom, are the symbols of Mars and Aries for the Decan. Strength, domination, harmony of rule and of justice. Boldness, courage, fierceness, shamelessness, revenge, resolution, generous, proud, sensitive, ambitious, refined, restless, turbulent, sagacious withal, yet unforgiving and obstinate.

Above and below are the symbols Sun and Aries. Established force, strength, realization of hope.

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Completion of labour. Success after struggle. Pride, nobility, wealth, power, conceit. Rude self-assumption and insolence. Generosity, obstinacy, etc. TWO White Radiating Angelic Hands, as before, issuing from clouds right and left of the card and clasped in the centre with the grip of the First Order, holding four wands or torches crossed. Above and below are two small flaming wands, with the symbols of Venus and Aries representing the Decan. Perfection or completion of a thing built up with trouble and labour. Rest after labour, subtlety, cleverness, beauty, mirth, success in completion.

Reasoning faculty, conclusions drawn from previous knowledge. Unreadiness, unreliable and unsteady through over-anxiety and hurriedness of action. Graceful in manner, at times insincere, etc. A WHITE Radiant Angelic Hand issuing from clouds, and holding a branch of the white rose tree, but from which the roses are falling, and leaving no buds behind. Five Pentacles similar to the Ace.

Above and below are Mercury and Taurus. Loss of money or position. Trouble about material things. Labour, toil, land cultivation; building, knowledge and acuteness of earthly things, poverty, carefulness, kindness; sometimes money regained after severe toil and labour. Unimaginative, harsh, stern, determined, obstinate. Above and below are the symbols Taurus and Moon of the Decan. Success and gain in material undertakings. Power, influence, rank, nobility, rule over the people. Fortunate, successful, liberal and just. Seven Pentacles arranged like the geomantic figure Rubeus.

There are only five buds, which overhang, but do not touch the five uppermost Pentacles. Above and below are the Decan symbols, Saturn and Taurus respectively. Promises of success unfulfilled. Shewn, as it were, by the fact that the rosebuds do not come to anything. Loss of apparently promising fortune. Hopes deceived and crushed. Disappointment, misery, slavery, necessity and baseness. A cultivator of land, and yet a loser thereby. Sometimes it denotes slight and isolated gains with no fruits resulting therefrom, and of no further account, though seeming to promise well.

FOUR White Radiant Angelic Hands issuing from clouds, each holding two swords, points upwards; all the points touch near the top of the card. Hands issue, two at each bottom angle of the card. The pose of the other sword symbols is re-established in the centre. Above and below are the Decan symbols Jupiter and Gemini.

Too much force applied to small things: too much attention to detail at the expense of the principal and more important points.

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When ill dignified, these qualities produce malice, pettiness, and domineering characteristics. Patience in detail of study; great care in some things, counterbalanced by equal disorder in others. Impulsive; equally fond of giving or receiving money or presents; generous, clever, acute, selfish and without strong feeling of affection.

Admires wisdom, yet applies it to small and unworthy objects. FOUR Hands, as in the preceding figure, hold eight swords nearly upright, but with the points falling away from each other. A fifth hand holds a ninth sword upright in the centre, as if it had struck them asunder. No rose at all is shewn, as if it were not merely cut asunder, but utterly destroyed. Above and below are the Decan symbols Mars and Gemini.

Despair, cruelty, pitilessness, malice, suffering, want, loss, misery. Burden, oppression, labour, subtlety and craft, dishonesty, lying and slander. FOUR hands holding eight swords, as in the preceding symbol; the points falling away from each other. Two hands hold two swords crossed in the centre, as though their junction had disunited the others. No rose, flower or bud, is shewn. Above and below are Sun and Gemini, representing the Decan. Almost a worse symbol than the Nine of Swords.

Undisciplined, warring force, complete disruption and failure. Ruin of all plans and projects. Disdain, insolence and impertinence, yet mirth and jollity therewith. A marplot, loving to overthrow the happiness of others; a repeater of things; given to much unprofitable speech, and of many words. Yet clever, eloquent, etc. A lotus flower rises above water, which occupies the lower part of the card rising above the hand.

From this flower rises a stem, terminating near the top of the card in another lotus, from which flows a sparkling white water, as from a fountain. Crossed on the stem just beneath are two dolphins, Argent and Or, on to which the water falls, and from which it pours in full streams, like jets of gold and silver, into two cups; which in their turn overflow, flooding the lower part of the card.

Venus and Cancer above and below. Harmony of masculine and feminine united. Harmony, pleasure, mirth, subtlety: but if ill dignified folly, dissipation, waste, silly actions. A WHITE Radiating Hand, as before, holds a group of lotuses or water-lilies, from which two flowers rise on either side of, and overhanging the top cup; pouring into it the white water. Flowers in the same way pour white water into the lower cups.

All the cups overflow; the topmost into the two others, and these upon the lower part of the card. Cups are arranged in an erect equilateral triangle.

Mercury and Cancer above and below. Abundance, plenty, success, pleasure, sensuality, passive success, good luck and fortune; love, gladness, kindness, liberality. Binah of HB:H Plenty, hospitality, eating and drinking, pleasure, dancing, new clothes, merriment. FOUR cups: the two upper overflowing into the two lower, which do not overflow. An Angelic Hand grasps a branch of lotus, from which ascends a stem bearing one flower at the top of the card, from which the white water flows into the two upper cups.

From the centre two leaves pass right and left, making, as it were, a cross between the four cups. Above and below are the symbols Moon and Cancer for the Decan. Success or pleasure approaching their end. A stationary period in happiness, which may, or may not, continue. It does not mean love and marriage so much as the previous symbol. It is too passive a symbol to represent perfectly complete happiness.

Swiftness, hunting and pursuing. Acquisition by contention: injustice sometimes; some drawbacks to pleasure implied. IF the question refers to spiritual matters, the Fool means idea, thought, spirituality, that which endeavours to transcend Earth. But if question is material, it means folly, stupidity, eccentricity, or even mania. Skill, wisdom, adaptation, craft, cunning, or occult wisdom or power. Change, alternation, increase and decrease, fluctuation; whether for good or evil depends on the dignity.

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success. But with very bad dignity it means luxury, dissipation. War, conquest, victory, strife, ambition. Divine wisdom, manifestation, explanation, teaching, occult force voluntarily invoked. Inspiration passive, mediumistic , motive power, action. Triumph, victory, health sometimes unstable. Eternal justice.

Strength and force, but arrested as in act of judgment. May mean law, trial, etc. Wisdom from on high. Active divine inspiration. Sometimes "unexpected current. Good fortune, happiness within bounds. Intoxication of success. Courage, strength, fortitude, power passing on to action. Enforced sacrifice, punishment, loss, fatal and not voluntary, suffering. Time, age, transformation, change involuntary as opposed to 18, Pisces. Or death, destruction only latter with special cards. Combination of forces, realization, action material effect, good or evil.

Materiality, material force, material temptation, obsession. Ambition, fighting, war, courage, or destruction, danger, fall, ruin. Hope, faith, unexpected help. Or dreaminess, deceived hope, etc. Dissatisfaction, voluntary change. Error, lying, falsity, deception. This card is very sensitive to dignity. Glory, gain, riches. With "very" evil cards it means arrogance, display, vanity. Final decision, judgment, sentence, determination of a matter without appeal, "on its plane. The matter itself. Synthesis, world, kingdom. Usually denotes actual subject of question, and therefore depends entirely on accompanying cards.

Each card must be most carefully meditated, taking all its correspondences, and a clear idea formed. But the Kings Knights sometime represent coming or going of a matter, according as they face. The Princesses shew opinions, thoughts, ideas, either in harmony with or opposed to, the subject. A Majority of Wands. Energy, opposition, quarrel.

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Pleasure, merriment. Trouble, sadness, sickness, death. Business, money, possessions. Strong forces beyond the Querent's control. Society, meetings of many persons. Strength generally. Great power and force. Riches, success. Swiftness, rapidity. Unexpected meetings.

Authority, influence. Powerful friends. Meetings with the great. Rank and honour. New ideas or plans. Society of the young. Anxiety, responsibility. Buying and selling commerce. Added responsibilities. Much correspondence. Much news. Much journeying. Treaties and compacts. Gain, success. Order, regularity. Quarrels, fights. Rest, peace. Resolution, determination. Conferences, conversations. Reorganization, recommendation.

A CARD is strong or weak, well dignified or ill dignified, according to the cards next to it on either side. Cards of the same suit on either side strengthen it greatly, for good or evil according to their nature. If a card fall between two other which are mutually contrary, it is not much affected by either.

But it has been revised and improved, while certain safeguards have been introduced in order to make its abuse impossible. THE Significator. Choose a card to represent the Querent, using your knowledge or judgment of his character rather than dwelling on his physical characteristics. Take the cards in your left hand. In the right hand hold the wand over them, and say: I invoke thee, I A O, that thou wilt send H R U, the great Angel that is set over the operations of this Secret Wisdom, to lay his hand invisibly upon these consecrated cards of art, that thereby we may obtain true knowledge of hidden things, to the glory of thine ineffable Name.

Hand the cards to Querent, and bid him think of the question attentively, and cut. Take the cards as cut, and hold as for dealing. The pack being in front of you, cut, and place the top half to the left. Cut each pack again to the left. These four stack represent I H V H, from right to left. Find the Significator. It be in the HB:Y pack, the question refers to work, business, etc.

Tell the Querent what he has come for: if wrong, abandon the divination. If right, spread out the pack containing the Significator, face upwards. Count the cards from him, in the direction in which he faces. The counting should include the card from which you count. For Knights, Queens and Princes, count 4. For Princesses, count 7. For Aces, count For small cards, count according to the number. For trumps, count 3 for the elemental trumps; 9 for the planetary trumps; 12 for the Zodiacal trumps. Make a "story" of these cards. This story is that of the beginning of the affair.

Pair the cards on either side of the Significator, then those outside them, and so on. Make another "story," which should fill in the details omitted in the first. If this story is not quite accurate, do not be discouraged. Perhaps the Querent himself does not know everything. But the main lines ought to be laid down firmly, with correctness, or the divination should be abandoned. Shuffle, invoke suitably, and let Querent cut as before. Deal cards into twelve stacks, for the twelve astrological houses of heaven. Make up your mind in which stack you ought to find the Significator, "e.

Examine this chosen stack. If the Significator is not there, try some cognate house. On a second failure, abandon the divination. Read the stack counting and pairing as before. Shuffle, etc. Deal cards into twelve stacks for the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Divine the proper stack and proceed as before. Find the Significator: set him upon the table; let the thirty-six cards following form a ring round him.

Count and pair as before. Deal into ten packs in the form of the Tree of Life. Make up your mind where the Significator should be, as before; but failure does not here necessarily imply that the divination has gone astray. Usually Op. Experience will teach. Sometimes a new current of high help may show the moment of consultation. I may add that in material matters this method is extremely valuable. I have been able to work out the most complex problems in minute detail. Another is blue with Eagle and Cup in orange. A third is yellow, with Aquarius and Dagger in violet.

About the whole symbol are the words L. Mars Scorpio NO. It implies Natural, as opposed to Invoked, Force. It symbolizes Fertility productiveness, beauty, pleasure, happiness, etc. Woe unto whomsoever shall make war upon her, when thus established! Fire of Fire King of the Salamanders. Water of Fire Queen of the Salamanders. President John F. Kennedy- a very charming, attractive amazingly charismatic speaker,famous Womanizer. Charming Channing Tatum. Krishnamurti- Indian spiritual philosopher,.

David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson,. Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld. ALl writing is copyright of Tara Greene. No airy fairy or intense emotional stuff now. Florescent will do. Venus in Capricorn gifts are Kitchen Aid blenders, business accoutrements, cotton panties, low heeled shoes. VENUS rules money, the economy, your earnings and spendings, self-worth, values, luxury. Salinger, Andre Breton,. Celsius, G. Eiffel, Jacques Cartier, J. Kepler, Philippe Starak,Toulouse Lautrec,.

Kennedy, Noam Chomsky, M. LIBRA ruled Venusians will find these times challenging as they are being prodded by the square to be more real. Many choices to make in Love, investments and the job. Natal Pluto is. So heads up on the economy. Many long term relationships will end. Review your expansion plans, this is a crucial thing to do.

Very romantic a great day to create and love and dream. A good practical aspect to get a lot done. All writing is copyright Tara Greene. They are perfectionists and critical. Mars in Virgo will attack intellectually and slay you with criticism, more than physically although they can be strong. I send prayers to the earth daily with this Archangel.

M editate on Mars activating the heart chakra during this Virgo transit. Men will tend to serve their female partners. They will pay attention to every detail of what their partners like and use that as a reference. Sex may be very routine, always at the same time, not too late. Sex with Mars in Virgo is like everything else, hard work, something that they will finish to perfection. They are not romantics. They can be kinky and play dominant slave. LEO and Libra get off scott free. A great day to ignite new dreams and artists visions. Mars opposes Chiron October 29 for some excellent healing and forgiveness.

Mars in Virgo is great for cleaning house, body and your neighbourhood. Charcoal drawing to illustrate Venus in Sagittarius. Cannot keep a secret. She is gullible, naive, sometimes klutzy, Promises way more than she intends to deliver on. There are bigger more exciting adventures than chasing dust bunnies worthy of her astute attention.

Loves to laugh, needs a comedian in her life. Gets bored and restless very easily. Venus in Sagittarius can be loyal, but they do get wanderlust,. Give them space to wander on their own a bit they will always come back. She is a cowgirl at heart, on the lone prairie and she likes it that way, some time. She love to learn and reads, self educates, life is a total university. Loves exotic things, gift them with these. Speak another language that turns them on.

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun lover, wants love to me more spiritual than sexual. She can be competitive too. Buy a dog, go to animal shelters, go horse back riding, try archery, study mythology. They love International cuisine. Famous Peeps with Venus in Sagittarius. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene. You may reproduce if original source material is clearly attributed. Aries is 1st sign,1st house, Taurus is 2nd etc. Forecasts for each sign:. People will be attracted to you, learn to set back and relax and allow them to come to you, less work.

This is good for money coming to you through business relationships. Venus , also your ruling planet in your solar 6th house of work, service, community, health. Venus gives you extra shine and polish now as you are her Feminine earthly sensuous sign. Get your self in shape through diet, exercise and having more balance in your schedule.

Indulge and buy something beautiful for yourself. Visit plays, go to the opera, art galleries, a convention for unconventional things, high society. There will be lots and lots of opps to chat the night away, tons of social affairs, parties and invites during this time. Flirty and romantic, you will be able to feel relaxed with others and let your Gemini non stop charm, shine.

Gemini and Libra are natural affecianadoes. Venus in your 4th house of home roots, family, children. Seduce that new one with an amazing gourmet dinner. The affair may start in your own home. Time to have lovely dinner parties to impress. Good time to open up about your past, allowing more intimacy and trust into any relationship. Family secrets may come out of the basement. LEO- Curiosity loves the cat. Venus in your 3rd house of communications, short travels, curiosity and openness.

Venus in Libra brings very beautiful people into your life. There will be many new connections, especially if you go outside your usual comfort zone. The more you can stay in an open childlike innocence the better. Venus in your 2nd house of money, resources, solid values. Over value instead of under value yourself. Go to a spa and chill.

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Time to splurge on something beautiful-Venus loves art and all things of grace good taste. You will be attracted to others for their charm and beauty and not just their functionality and hard-working ethics. Venus in your 1st house of SELF. Well your natural charm, social graces and style will make you absolutely irresistible.

Others will be attracted to you in droves and will want to enroll in your charm school. You should write a book. Indulge yourself in extravagant beauty, arts, social scenes as you can, that will pay off later. MAke sure they have the bucks to indulge you. Venus in your 12th house of secrets, the shadow, hidden enemies. Now this is very close to your own natural Scorpio nature. Venus in Libra also adds a lighter side to your natural intense heavy nature. You may find this perplexing. BE careful of your words they may come back to haunt you.

Venus in your solar 11th house allows you to let your freak flag fly. It brings new loves into your life through organizations you may belong to or join. Meeting many different types of people always fascinates you and this will be a time filled with that. You can be attracted to someone for their radically different point of view. So get out there and mingle, network, take new classes. Also a time to receive love and praise. Teach by being part of the team.

Venus in your solar 10 th house of FAME. Venus in your solar 9th house, brings you exotic foreigners, long distance lovers. Go to Burning Man. Extra ordinary lovers come into your life. You will connect to people through online dating or meet them in unexpected, strange ways. Revolutionary comrades in arms share brave new thoughts and ideas about changing thew world for the better and contributing to the tribe. Meeting new loves through school, educational seminars, meet ups, classes etc. Seek out new connections at sporting events, political meetings, community gatherings, around pets, go horse back riding, support animal rights activists.

Venus in your Solar 8th house. The 8th house is one of Deep intense sex, mystery,power games and longing for soul mates. But relationships may frustrate you now as you are more spiritual, sensitive and clingy than Venus in Libra tends to be. Venus in Libra will teach you detachment, a bit of distancing and judgement is balancing. This is a good thing for you.

Venus in Libra can be skin deep beauty. Appreciate it for what it is. Wait for Venus to enter Scorpio. PLease check out coming soon online astro relationship courses. Next stop is in 9. You will need candles incense a notebook and some gemstones, rose tea, or rose water. If you don't have diamonds-. Play soft music, burn sweet incense, use proper color candles. Sit in circle with your gemstones, compose them into the pentagram corners shape.

If you are in a relationship that seems stale, then ask to breathe new life into it, new passion, new dimensions,. Then sit and breathe deeply relaxing more and more. Next station on the pentagram is Nov. We are one octave above the recent which felt like a very profound shift in consciousness to me from my experience of it in Sedona Arizona, one of the major high spiritual energy places on the globe. All doubled numbers are master numbers. The initiate. Symbolized as both the zero point and the end point, the Alpha and the Omega, visualized by the 22nd Trump in the Tarot, The Fool, the wise one.

The 22 is very special to me personally; it resonates with me for a number of reasons. Moe about that later. Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Nov A partial solar eclipse, which will not be visible to most of us in the Northern Hemisphere occurring over the Antarctic. Event though partial all Solar Eclipses are powerful New Moon turning points.

The effects of an eclipse last long and are far reaching especially in a Sagittarius. This New Moon is also the 6th and final Super Moon on At 2 degrees and change of Fiery Sagittarius, the eclipse points literally as the Centaur points his arrows, to the Galactic Center, to higher truth, sacred law, freedom, the infinite, the beyond. The Sun, Moon, North Node, Mercury, planet of communications just recently turned Retrograde yesterday and Venus, Herself just past the point of the Galactic center at 28 degrees of Sag.

That's 5 for FIRE. The New moon chart includes an Earthy Grand Trine. Besides the quintuple Fire there's also very earthy grounded Grand trine with Mars at 6 degrees of Virgo, Jupiter Retrograde at 1 degree of Taurus and Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn. Very nice energy for early degree of earthy signs.

Something to do with analyzing and cleaning up your act to be sure.